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EBW Global - Business Emotional Intelligence Team Assessments

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Team Business EQ Report (Advance)

Designed to provide a benchmark at the start of team coaching or a team intervention, this report provides a benchmark on core drivers and a team road map, with colour coded EQ Maps and bespoke pragmatic suggestions for developing a high performing team.

 EBWt Report (Advance)

Team Business EQ Report (Standard)

Perfect to be used as the basis for a Team Discovery Workshop. With clear colour coded EQ Maps under each EQ scale, the feedback empowers teams to take personal responsibility for the critical emotional behaviours that change how a team work together.

EBWt Report (Standard)

Technical Overview

The EBWt Team assessment was created in 2004 and is an extension of the EBW Business Emotional Intelligence assessment developed by Dr Neil Scott et al in 1997. Based on the EBWt Team Effectiveness model it builds on research and commercial experience of why groups and teams change over time:

  • Experience - Storming, Norming…(Tuckman et al)
  • Personality types & team roles (Belbin, MBTI…)
  • Process & conditions (Lencioni, Hackman…)
It has been examined through behavioural observations, exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses and as an extension of the EBW has also been underpinned by rigorous research into diversity, individual and group differences as well as being develop into numerous different languages, making it particularly suitable for international applications.

  • Uses international 'business' English
  • Assessment available in multi-languages
  • Avoids age, religion, disability, race and gender/sexuality bias
  • With the EBW assessment the team assessment can be completed in under 30 minutes
  • Is scored and an individual and team report developed in under 10 minutes
  • Is supported by a wide range of coaching tools and expert reports

What makes the EBWt team psychometric assessment different from other team questionnaires is not only its positive focus on Business Emotional Intelligence but its ability to measure a change in the core drivers that underpin team performance.

The EBWt unique approach of holding teams to account by benchmarking their performance, while helping them to develop their Emotional Intelligence enables leaders and teams to quickly change the way they work together to improve their performance.


Discover How Business Emotional Intelligence Transforms Leaders and Teams

About EBW Global 

EBW Global is a specialist occupational psychology consultancy, whose Business Emotional Intelligence assessments and tools have been used for over 20 years worldwide, in different business sectors. Available in multi languages they enable you to help leaders and teams understand why they behave the way they do and use a highly effective 10 step framework to improve their occupational performance.

With a practitioners' network based on 6 continents, all of whom are certified to use the EBW Global assessments and tools, we guarantee the EBW Global Business Emotional Intelligence approach empowers leaders and teams to transform themselves and their organisations.

The EBW is the EQ tool of choice for many world-leading companies, including: