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5 actions leaders take to boost teamwork

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In most cases, we know that business success is created by a team effort.

Having good leadership is not enough; it’s not just up to a few individuals to improve a team’s performance, it needs the effort of the team as a whole. 

How do you make sure then, that your team will function well? 

Research by Matthew Cronin, stresses the importance of understanding how to integrate and make your "team cohesive” if you want to boost their performance.

Cronin and his team, looked at the performance of 321 MBA students (grouped into five or six) in a 14-week business simulation exercise, looking specifically at how the group members felt being part of their team, the level of integration within the group and how team performance was affected by these factors.

The study focused on the effect of two kinds of integration - cognitive (thinking) and affective (emotion) - on the team performance and the members’ level of satisfaction.

Cognitive integration is the level of similarities shared by group members when it comes to worldview, while affective integration deals with how the individual members liked and trusted each other. 

The study found that the less affective integration the group had (the level of trust or liking for the other members is low), the more likely was the tendency to form sub-groups, which in turn, further reduced the group’s integration.

This caused low levels of satisfaction and performance.

Importantly, the research showed that even if the level of trust or liking for the other members is low, if there is good cognitive integration (similar worldview), the team performance need not suffer.

That is, even if the members of the team don’t like each other much, if they share the same worldview, they can get the job done.

The EBW View

The findings of Cronin and his group highlights the importance of understanding and building team cohesiveness.

For businesses to have healthy teams, subgroups or cliques need to be prevented from forming in the first place.

There needs to be trust in each other, as well as a shared goal that each member understands and works toward. 

Here are 5 recommendations for leaders to boost teamwork:

  1. Foster members’ sense of belonging through regular "team discussion” activities that help the team understand why people behave the way they do. What motivates them? What makes them annoyed? What are their like and dislikes?

  2. Enhance inter-team communication skills and worldview by setting up processes for further learning and development. (Use psychometrics to provide feedback and develop performance).

  3. At the start of a team project or the formation of a new team, establish a process that will effectively deal with any grievances and discourage blaming.

  4. Get the team to set some ground rules that will guide everyone on what’s acceptable behaviour and what is not and the consequences of violating them.

  5. And remember to always reinforce (praise) the positive behaviours of the members. 

The bottom line is teams that undertand each other deliver results.

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