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Global Online Business EQ Certification 2018

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Do you want to join us?

Not been able to attend the EBW Emotional Intelligence Certification programme in your country?

Don't worry.

This September, you have the opportunity to join our global online certification.

Learn how, for 20 years, coaches, HR Experts, trainers, psychologists..... have used EBW Global Emotional Intelligence System to improve performance of leaders and teams all over the world. 

Would you like to join us? 

The Global Online EQ Certification has a simple objective: to learn how to use Business EQ to improve performance and to become certified to use the EBW Global Emotional Intelligence System. 

We meet online from 8am – 12pm or 5pm - 9pm UK time.  

You will need to have a webcam and headset, so we can all interact together.

Places are limited  -  so don’t delay booking your place.

We don't simply certify you on the EBW Emotional Intelligence System. We write success stories – we partner with you to help you become more successful.

Here are some testimonials from others like you:

I chose the EBW model to gain accreditation after I had attended a webinar and received and read samples of the reports. I liked the immediate simplicity of the model in terms of showing clients the close link to improving behaviours and their productivity in business. The EBW model has depth and is straightforward to work with. Once I had given the initial feedback to the client it was easy to continue to coach them if necessary.

Stephen Walker is very knowledgeable and able to coach and teach others in a relaxed inclusive way. Tracey who was my contact for admin support was super-efficient and very helpful.

Both have been readily accessible throughout the programme.

Kay Rolandi
Head of Talent, Learning & Development – EMEA

Going through the EBW system of accreditation has been very worthwhile and informative. The system is easy to use for clients and they have commented on the relevance and usefulness of the feedback through the 1:1 and report." "One of the best tools for leadership coaches around.

Chris Haines. Level 7. ILM Executive and Business Coach and Mentor

The EBW Emotional Intelligence business model has a robust psychometric tool that allows me to address this topic in an open and positive way much quicker than I was able to in the past. It is applicable across cultures and I have introduced it with great success into the screening process, one to one coaching, to heighten intra and interpersonal understanding, and to benchmark individual and group performance." "The EBW tool has enhanced how I work and I am truly grateful to the EBW team for their unfailing support in getting me quickly started with using the model."

Caval Stander, GradMSCP, BSc. (Hons) Psych, MBA Centre for Coaching Managers, Luxembourg

I have found the EBW Model and System a valuable addition to my set of tools for developing people towards fulfilling more of their potential. In terms of the accreditation process, the 'one-day masterclass plus mentoring support' format has worked well for me. It makes accreditation accessible, is well delivered, and the ongoing support and supervision has provided invaluable additional insight as I have learned to use the tool in a range of situations.

Colin Wilson. Telos Partners International


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The EBW Global Emotional Intelligence System is a unique assessment and development tool for Managers, Executive Coaches, HR experts and Psychologists.

Based on over 20 years of worldwide use and research, it enables you to get leaders and teams to understand why they behave the way they do and use a highly effective 10 step framework to improve their occupational performance.

With a practitioner's network based on 6 continents, all of whom are licensed to use the EBW System, we guarantee the EBW Emotional Intelligence approach empowers leaders and teams to transform themselves and their organisations. 


The EBW is the EQ tool of choice for many world-leading companies, including: