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Benefits for Psychologists

I am a Psychologist, what can I expect from the EBW Emotional Intelligence Programme?

The ability to…

  • Develop your knowledge of different Emotional Intelligence models so you will be able to offer expert insight.
  • Understand how emotions and behaviours at work affect performance, enabling you to implement the best methods to maximise success in the workplace.
  • Use the EBW Emotional Intelligence System so you can assess, benchmark and develop successful leaders and teams.


  • Licensed to use the EBW Psychometric System ensuring you are recognised as a competent EBW Advance Emotional Intelligence Facilitator.
  • A qualified, fee exempt user of the EBW Online Knowledge Library, with white papers, practical support materials and workshop programmes.
  • Skilled in the use of your own branded version of the EBW Psychometric Tool, put your company details and logos on the EBW System and EBW Reports to get the very best results for you, your clients and your business.

Have EBW benefits.....

  • Enables you to understand the emotional drivers and behaviours (Business Emotional Intelligence), that underlie an individual or a team's occupational performance.
  • EBW has different norm groups (CEOs, Managers, etc.), that have been validated globally and cross culturally, enabling you to be confident in predicting success across job roles.
  • The EBW Emotional Intelligence Reports are uniquely business-friendly making them easy to use, with obvious links to business and job objectives.
  • It has been designed to be used either independently or alongside other psychometric measurements of personality (16PF, MBTI etc.), to provide you with a framework to explore and develop an individual's potential for success.
  • Designed specifically to improve workplace performance, it provides you and your clients with a competitive advantage by concentrating on areas that impact on business objectives.
  • EBW makes it much easier for you to engage with stakeholders and clients by providing a specific, straightforward and practical business approach.

To be able to use the EBW System to develop business....

  • Differentiate your services from the competition.
  • Offer innovative solutions more consistently.
  • Quickly target problem areas.
  • Have the ability to assess worldwide in multiple languages (including: Chinese, Arabic & Korean).
  • Offer the EBW Emotional Intelligence System methodology as an add-on or in-house service.
  • Make your services more measurable to the 'bottom line'.
  • Be able to provide different EBW Emotional Intelligence interventions (EBW Recruitment, EBW Leadership Potential, EBW Team Development Programmes, EBW Emotional Intelligence Workshops, Organisational Assessment etc.).

Find out more: download the EBW Factsheet