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Why Emotional Intelligence Is The Future of Recruiting?

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Business EQ Report (Recruitment)

This superb tool for recruitment and talent identification, saves preparation and interview time by providing insights into a candidate’s Business EQ, combined with a semi-structured interview guide, with unique focused behavioural questions.


Business EQ Report (Recruitment)


Benefits for Recruiters/Managers
  • Saves preparation and interview time - each recruitment report has a semi-structured interview guide, with unique focused (traffic lighted) questions which enables smarter use of time for busy managers/recruiters.
  • Better and more in-depth candidate insights than can be assessed through a normal interview (e.g., resilience, decision making, motivation to succeed...).
  • Makes it straightforward and easy to compare candidates - by benchmarking candidates' assessment results against their peers (Directors, IT Graduates etc.).
  • Confidence in the recruitment decision - with its unique IMT tool, the EBW reveals to the recruiter how honest the candidate is trying to be.
Benefits for Organisations

Plus, it enables organisations to:

  • Recognise potential early.
  • Have more appropriate training and development planning (saving development costs).
  • Better performance management.
  • Increase workforce retention and satisfaction. 

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About EBW Global 

We are the Business Emotional Intelligence experts. Our Business Emotional Intelligence assessments and toolkits are available in multi-languages to enable you to get the best out of your leaders and teams and make the best data-driven decisions where ever you or your candidates are in the world.

Our Psychologists have over 25 years of global experience and expertise in assessment design, human capital management, diversity and equal opportunities that ensures you get the best assessment training and the most innovative tools.

With a practitioners' network based on 6 continents, all of whom are certified to use the EBW Global assessments and tools, we guarantee the EBW Global Business Emotional Intelligence approach empowers leaders and teams to transform themselves and their organisations.

The EBW is the EQ tool of choice for many world-leading companies, including: