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Become a licensed EBW Emotional Intelligence Facilitator

The EBW Certification Programme gives you firsthand experience in delivering the leading tool of Emotional Intelligence at work (Business EQ), plus access to run 5 global EQ programmes.

  • Coaching Talent Programmes
  • Developing Emotional Intelligent Leadership
  • Building High Performing Teams
  • Communication and Boosting Performance Programmes
  • Recruiting for Potential

The EBW Global Emotional Intelligence System is a unique global assessment and development tool for Coaches, HR experts and Psychologists.

Based on over 20 years of worldwide use and research, it enables you to get leaders and teams to understand why they behave the way they do and uses a highly effective methodology to improve their occupational performance.

Is it for ​Me?

The EBW Emotional Intelligence System for Business provides you with that superior advantage.

With the EBW knowledge library and marketing tools it enables you to create the business case for growth with senior leaders and budget holders.

Using the concepts measured by the EBW you can demonstrate how individuals and teams can become much more effective through better management of their emotions and behaviours in the workplace.

This intuitive tool resonates with business leaders and teams with its engaging accessible business language and 10 step developmental framework.

It has a practical and straightforward approach that works across all industries and cultures (it is available in multiple languages, including: Arabic, Korean and Chinese).

The EBW assessment along with its unique coaching tools and programmes, plus your expertise, enables you to offer a credible and cost effective methodology that changes how people work together.

With a practitioner's network based on 6 continents, all of whom are licensed to use the EBW System, we guarantee that the EBW Emotional Intelligence approach will empower leaders and teams to transform themselves and their organisations.

Programme Schedule

This blended learning programme includes a one-to-one coaching session and ongoing support from the EBW team, all of which ensures you will be confident in your ability to use the EBW Emotional Intelligence System effectively.

Online Training

  • Two e-learning modules on psychometrics and Emotional Intelligence, which develop your subject knowledge on Emotional Intelligence and the EBW Psychometric System.
  • An EBW assessment and personal report – to help you understand your own Business Emotional Intelligence.

On-site Training

  • A masterclass - a full day of training (9am-5pm), to maximise your learning, experience and application of this powerful tool.

Practical Experience

  • Three assessment and feedback sessions using the EBW psychometric system, which enable you to practice assessing and provide feedback to others. This element of practical experience ensures you will become confident using the EBW.

Personal Coaching

  • A one-to-one telephone coaching session with a Business Psychologist, on applying EBW EQ methodology to improve performance and gain your accreditation.
Programme Fee

The fee for the complete 5 part EBW Advance Accreditation Programme is £995.00 plus VAT.

Book your place now, allowing you to begin the accreditation process immediately by completing the web based learning modules on Psychometrics and Emotional Intelligence.

What can I expect from the EBW Emotional Intelligence Programme?


  • Gain insight into the Emotional Intelligence of managers and leaders so you can make informed choices about where they can best serve the business

  • Learn to develop your talent using the EBW 10 step framework that guarantees business success and avoids the risk of putting managers in positions that expose them, their teams and the business to failure.

  • Save time and money by using EBW assessments & programmes that enable you to recruit with certainty and empower your leaders and teams to transform your organisation.


  • Have access to a reliable & accurate Business EQ tool that enables you to quickly identify clients’ blind spots and take them to the destination they desire.

  • Earn a reputation for delivering guaranteed and measurable results and helping your clients advance in their careers and their lives.

  • Increase your income by using the EBW assessments, coaching tools and programmes and gain more referrals from satisfied clients.