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Global Solutions for leaders, teams and organisations

Guarantee Improvement in Business Results

The EBW Global Emotional Intelligence System

Run Emotional Intelligent Leadership Programmes

Develop leaders you would want to lead you

The EBW Global Emotional Intelligence System

The EBW Global Emotional Intelligence System

Inspire & transform managers and leaders with EBW coaching

Build Business EQ for personal performance improvement

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The EBW Global Emotional Intelligence System

Create & build high performing teams

Get a clear picture of a teams EQ

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The EBW Global Emotional Intelligence System

Inspire and provide the tools to change people's performance

Facilitate a Emotional Intelligence skills programme

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EBW Global Emotional Intelligence System

Understand candidates hidden career derailers

Recruit with confidence with EBW assessments

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EBW Global Emotional Intelligence System

Accelerate your success with Business Emotional Intelligence 

  • Offer the EBW Business EQ methodology that changes how people work together

  • Use EBW global approach to set clear benchmarks to improve business results

  • Access the EBW assessments, powerful tools and practical programms which work at all levels of an organisation

Partner with the EBW System to change performance long term by operating at a deeper level of attitudes and emotions that underpin behaviour

Accelerate your business by using EBW global product range
that offers measurable results


Expand your client base using EBW Coaching Programme

Coaching success should be more than just felt - it should be measured.

Access the EBW psychometric to provide unique insights and quickly build trust.

Use our coaching tools and exercises guaranteeing measurable performance change that lasts.

Take advantage of the EBW 10 Step Growth Programme to demonstrate ROI and turn one highly successful client into many referrals.


Engage & develop more leaders

Leaders make investments in their development when they can see visible results.

Use the EBW leadership tool kit to provide insight into Daniel Goleman's 6 different leadership styles.

Measure leadership growth by benchmarking the leadership style which provides the maximum result for your leader.

Run EBW leadership programmes and have scaleable leadership change that transforms organisations.


Build high performing teams

Some teams need to be coached, whereas other teams need interventions that have immediate impact.

Use the EBWt team instrument to demonstrate emotions and behaviours that activate effective team performance.

Access the EBWt unique team insights, methodology and exercises to lead and change the way a team works together.

Create high performing teams with EBWt Team Coaching or our 1 day accelerated team performance programme.


Facilitate Boosting Performance Programmes

With the EBW Boosting Performance Programme you have an inspiring personal workshop in your toolkit.

Work with large groups to boost their Business EQ and change the way people work with each other.

Help individuals quickly understand their impact on colleagues and customers.

Change performance at all levels of an organisation with the EBW Boosting Performance Programme.


Recruit using the EBW

Stop losing money from poor recruitment decisions.

Assess and benchmark areas that cannot be accurately assessed through an interview.

Use the EBW impression managment tool to reveal what the candidates do not want you to know.

Have confidence that successful candidates will fly through the probation period and stay with the organisation for the longer term.

The EBW is the EQ tool of choice for many world-leading companies, including: