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Team Assessment & Toolkit Certification

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The EBWt Team Certification provides you with proven psychometrics and toolkit to benchmark and develop leaders and their teams anywhere in the world.

EBW Businss Emotional Intellgence Certification ModelIt certifies you to use the EBW Assessment and the EBWt Team Assessment with their toolkits to run team workshops and team coaching programmes to improve leadership and team performance.

Learn how to:

By the end of the certification, you will have a good understanding of the latest Emotional Intelligence research, have the skills, the psychometric tools and the complete toolkit to be able to shift leaders' and teams' behaviour using the EBW Discovery Workshop and the EBWt Team Effectiveness Programme.

EBW Business Emotional Intelligence Team Assessment

The EBW Team assessment is a normative measure based on multi-dimensional emotional behavioural traits specifically focussed on improving team dynamics and performance.

Available in multi-languages it provides:

  • 27 pages of rich feedback on individual's and group's Emotional Intelligence impact on performance
  • Comparison against other teams' performance
  • Practical bespoke suggestions how to improve the team's performance  
  • Insights into blind spots that stop individuals’ and teams’ potential
  • EQ team maps to shift individuals’ ability to change behaviour
  • The ability to show ROI with measures of team performance before and after the team intervention, coaching or team programme
  • Different report options for different team programmes 

EBW Global assessment platform meets the psychometric test standards laid down by the British Psychological Society and accepted by most good psychometric test publishers around the world.

Confidence In Results
One of the many unique features of EBW is its self-awareness scale and impression management tool that provides insight into an individual’s level of awareness and what they are trying to hide from themselves and others.

EBW Global Assessment Fees
EBW Global assessment report fees range from £42.00 to £85.00 depending on the type of assessment report purchased.

Online Certification Programme

Our blended learning programme is a 12 week programme, including one-to-one coaching sessions and ongoing support from the EBW Global team, all of which ensures you will be confident in your ability to use the EBW Global assessmesnts & tools effectively.

Online TrainingSave

  • Become the expert - Develop your subject knowledge with two online modules on Emotional Intelligence and psychometrics and get access to the EBW Online Knowledge Library.

  • Understand and develop your Business Emotional Intelligence with your own personal EBW Global Business EQ Report.

Online Interactive Masterclasses

  • Maximise your learning, experience and application of this powerful tool with other professionals, in an online digital classroom.

  • Join a 4-hour live, detailed discussion on introducing and applying the EBW Business Emotional Intelligence methodology to your colleagues and new clients.

  • Learn how to use the EBWt Team Assessment and toolkit in a two hour live session 

EBW Assessment Practice

  • Build practical knowledge, experience and confidence with 6 EBW assessments to practice providing feedback and coach a team. Have your colleagues' and clients' teams try out this tool with you.

Personal Coaching

  • Gain your certification with 1 to 1 coaching sessions with one of our Business Psychologists on improving performance with Business EQ.

Your EBW Global Certification
Provides you with a certification on the EBW Psychometrics (Individual, Team and Selection reports) and lifetime access to EBW Knowledge Library.

Plus, the EBWt Team Certification provides you with all the customised tools and programme templates, so you can start developing leaders and teams straightaway.

EBW Global Distinctive Benefits:

Our assessments, tools and bespoke programmes help you with:

  • Assessing, benchmarking and providing feedback on individuals' and teams Business Emotional Intelligence

  • Understanding how emotions (stress, passion, motivation, happiness etc.,) and behaviours at work affect performance, so you can use the best methods and tools to maximise leaders', managers' and teams' success at work.

  • Leadership Development, Team Building, Diversity & Inclusion, Sales & Customer Service, Growth Mindset & Cultural Transformation, Stress Management, Attracting & Managing Multigenerational Talent, Selection and Recruitment.

  • Resonate with leaders and teams with a business approach to Emotional Intelligence.

  • Being recognised as an expert in Emotional Intelligence and a certified EBW Global Partner.

  • Develop your personal brand by adding your logos, contact & website details to the assessment platform, emails and reports.

  • Increase your income by using the EBW Global assessments, tools and programmes and gain more referrals from satisfied clients.

Plus, our online EBW knowledge library with its case studies, white papers, tools and programme templates enable you to quickly create the business case with senior leaders and budget holders to invest in Business Emotional Intelligence to solve their issues.

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About EBW Global 

We are the Business Emotional Intelligence experts. Our Business Emotional Intelligence assessments and toolkits are available in multi-languages to enable you to get the best out of your leaders and teams and make the best data-driven decisions where ever you or your candidates are in the world.

Our Psychologists have over 25 years of global experience and expertise in assessment design, human capital management, diversity and equal opportunities that ensures you get the best assessment training and the most innovative tools.

With a practitioners' network based on 6 continents, all of whom are certified to use the EBW Global assessments and tools, we guarantee the EBW Global Business Emotional Intelligence approach empowers leaders and teams to transform themselves and their organisations.

The EBW is the EQ tool of choice for many world-leading companies, including: