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Why Certify on Business EQ Assessments

"The potential of the EBW System in this PCT will be immense and I am looking forward to utilising it as soon as possible"

Head of Organisational Development

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About EBW Global 

EBW Global is a specialist occupational psychology consultancy, whose Business Emotional Intelligence assessments and tools have been used for over 20 years worldwide, in different languages and business sectors. They enable you to help leaders and teams understand why they behave the way they do and use a highly effective 10 step framework to improve their occupational performance.

With a practitioner's network based on 6 continents, all of whom are certified to use the EBW Global assessments and tools, we guarantee the EBW Global Emotional Intelligence approach empowers leaders and teams to transform themselves and their organisations.

The EBW is the EQ tool of choice for many world-leading companies, including: