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The EBW Global Emotional Intelligence System

Silent empathy, effective leadership in turbulent times

Develop leaders you would want to lead you

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The EBW Global Emotional Intelligence System

Learn to respond, not to react

Build Business EQ for personal performance improvement

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The EBW Global Emotional Intelligence System

Create disruptive teams that work well together

Use EQ Maps - get a clear picture of your clients' teams

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The EBW Global Emotional Intelligence System

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Inspire and provide the tools to change people's performance

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EBW Global Emotional Intelligence System

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EBW Global Emotional Intelligence System

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As a in-house HR or L&D professional, recruiter, executive coach, independent trainer, leadership expert or a psychologist, you need solutions that provide real value to your colleagues and clients, that are guaranteed to change the way they think and behave at work.

That is why for 20 years the EBW Global assessments have been used all over the world by forward thinking leaders, teams and organisations who recognise the importance of using Emotional Intelligence at work (Business EQ) to change the way people work together. 

The EBW assessments are different from other psychometric assessments because they focus on Emotional Intelligence at work (Business EQ) whilst being combined with a set of powerful tools and practical programmes that improve leaders and teams performance.

Plus, the EBW knowledge library with its case studies, marketing tools and templates enables you to quickly create the business case with senior leaders and budget holders for using you to solve their issues.

EBW Certified Partners offer a unique expertise, with a bespoke scientific approach that differentiates them from their peers as the EBW assessments, tools and programmes are only sold through our licensed global practitioners network.

Thr EBW Business EQ assessments, tools and programmes are used for :-

  • 1-2-1 or Team Coaching

  • Improving Teams

  • Leadership/Management Development

  • Customer and Sales Improvement

  • Cultural Change

  • Change Management

  • Recruitment and talent management

With a practitioners network of partners, based on 6 continents, we guarantee that partnering with the EBW team will empower you to build your business by transforming leaders, teams and their organisations. 

Our mission is simple, to make a lasting difference to people's working lives by improving how leaders and teams work together. If our mission is similar to yours, book a conversation about improving your business by using EBW assessments, tools and programmes.

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