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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our customer service policy is to provide a response to your online questions within one working day. The more common questions are answered below.

Q: What is the EBW Emotional Intelligence System and who developed it?

A: The EBW Emotional Intelligence System for Business is a unique global assessment and development tool for Executive Coaches, HR experts and Psychologists.

Based on over 20 years of worldwide use and research, it enables you to get leaders and teams to understand why they behave the way they do and to use a highly effective coaching framework that improves their occupational performance.

The EBW System was developed in 1997 by a team of Occupational Psychologists led by Dr Neil Scott (author of 'This book has feelings') to improve business performance.

It has a proven track record and is available in multi-languages (including: Chinese, Korean, Arabic). It is used worldwide through a network of distributors and partners and with a variety of organisations and individuals (such as: American Express, HSBC, Disney, British Airways, The Home Office, NHS).

Q: How does the EBW Emotional Intelligence System improve performance in the workplace?

A: It enables individuals and organisations to understand and benchmark how emotions (Motivation, Optimism, Stress, Anxiety, etc.) impact on workplace behaviour (e.g decision making, influencing etc).

The EBW System is not just a psychometric system, it has a tried and tested methodology for recruiting & developing  leaders', teams' and groups' Business Emotional Intelligence and improving their performance. 

It shows where to set measurable goals to improve performance, ensuring individuals and organisations get ROI.

Q: Why would I use the EBW Emotional Intelligence System for Business rather than a personality assessment?

A: Used with other personality assessments or independently, the EBW System would be used when you needed to improve workplace performance. Personality assessments do not focus on how emotions affect behaviour and performance.

The EBW System provides you and your clients with insights into how to manage and change the critical emotions effect on behaviours that impact on performance (Business EQ).

Unlike a personality assessment, the EBW Emotional Intelligence System provides the individual with a framework and a road map of emotions and behaviours to benchmark and improve their performance and the performance of others at work.

Q: I already use an EQ tool, why would I use the EBW Emotional Intelligence Psychometric System?

A: Most Emotional Intelligence tests are very broad, based on social & emotional competences, whereas the EBW Business Emotional Intelligence System is unique in that it only focuses on the critical emotions and behaviours that impact on work success (Business EQ).

Using the EBW Emotional Intelligence System with leaders and teams you will find focusing on Business EQ more appropriate to their needs, easier and more straightforward to set goals, change unsuccessful behaviours and consequently more cost effective .

Q: I am a coach, why would I use the EBW Emotional Intelligence System?

A: The EBW Emotional Intelligence System provides you insight into a client's Emotional Intelligence at work and a 10 session coaching framework with a benchmark to start coaching from.

The EBW EQ Reports provide clear indicators on where to focus development and set specific goals to raise performance.

Using the EBW Emotional Intelligence Reports & the EBW Expert Coaching Manual gives you clear ways to raise self-awareness and with its practical coaching strategies & exercises, ensures every coaching session is maximised for the user's benefit.

Plus, budget holders and decision makers like the EBW System because they easily see its benefits with its transparent coaching programme and easy to measure performance indicators which provide measurable ROI.

Q: I develop teams, how will the EBW Emotional Intelligence System improve what I do with teams?

A: The EBWt Emotional Intelligence System enables you to quickly assess and provide a clear picture of the team and the impact each member has on colleagues and the performance of the team.

Unlike other team systems it does not label people - its focus is on how peoples' emotions affect their ability to work together and what the team needs to do to raise performance.

The EBWt Team Report and team performance manual gives you all the necessary tools, strategies and practical exercises to run an intervention to change a team into a high performing team.    

Q: Can I use the EBW for recruitment and how do I know the test results are right and the candidate has not faked their answers?

A: Yes, you can use the EBW for recruitment, it was designed specifically to be fair and be perceived as fair by all users (avoids age, religion, disability, race and gender/sexuality bias).

In addition to supplying the EQ scores to discriminate between candidates, the EBW recruitment report provides specific follow-up questions to guide a step-by-step behavioural interview.

The report also supplies a detailed description of the key behaviours to look for in a candidate, along with vital assessment criteria for evaluating the evidence.

Obviously, you can't control how someone answers the EBW assessment, but the EBW Impression Management tool (IMT) analyses their answers and tells you if the person is trying to answer the EBW honestly or how much they are trying to manage their impression.

The IMT gives you confidence in the ability of the EBW assessment to discriminate accurately between candidates.

Q: I am interested, but how much do the EBW EQ Assessments and reports cost a licensed EBW Partner?

A: The EBW assessment and report fees for a licensed EBW Partner start from £24.50 ($32.00 approx).

Q: Are there any annual license fees?

A: No, you only pay when you use an EBW Assessment and receive a report.

Q: Is the EBW available in other languages as well as English?

A: Yes, the EBW is available in multi languages including Chinese and Arabic.

Q: Can I get an individual in another country to complete the EBW?

A: Yes - but please check with an EBW Partner that you have the appropriate norm group.

Q: How long does it take to generate and receive an EBW report?

A: Less than 30 minutes after the EBW is completed.

Q: Does everybody who enrols on the EBW Emotional Intelligence training programmes become a licensed EBW Emotional Intelligence Partner?

A: No, not everybody, unfortunately, it is our experience that not everybody is prepared to do the required work. To become a Licensed EBW Partner you must meet the user psychometric test standards laid down by the British Psychological Society which are accepted by most good psychometric test publishers around the world.

However, we guarantee that if you are willing to learn, our Business Psychologists will keep working with you until you meet the required standard.

Q: Will the EBW Emotional Intelligence System improve my business?

A: Yes, the EBW Emotional Intelligence System for Business provides that superior advantage.

It will help you differentiate your services from the competition, get new clients, revitalise old clients and grow your business with its different approach to improving performance.

You will be able to assess, recruit and develop leaders, teams and organisations in a powerful but straightforward way and with a focus on Business Emotional Intelligence and performance.

The EBW System will enable you to provide different Emotional Intelligence interventions to improve Recruitment, Coaching, Leadership Potential, Team Development Programmes, Emotional Intelligence Workshops and much much more....

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